Blaise Winter’s 2nd and 3rd “I” for success

Blaise’s second “I” is Interest. “You’ve got to have a passion for something that makes you feel like you belong.” Blaise found that with football. He was grateful for the challenge and he found it stimulating. Blaise’s interest continued to grow and this led him to crave more information to learn more. “Once you grab hold of an interest, you will be internally driven to learn and grow.”

The third “I” is for Information. “Gather information about your interest and set specific learning goals,” Blaise advises. He started to gather information in middle school when he had decided he wanted to be a professional football player. “The more information I gathered, the more my interest grew. Most of the people in my world, including my fellow players and even my coach, thought I was nuts to have a dream to play in the NFL.”

People constantly told Blaise he wasn’t strong enough, fast enough, or agile enough. Blaise is grateful he paid attention to his heart and not to all the naysayers. From that experience, he learned to trust his heart… always.

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