Baise Winter’s fourth & fifth “I” for success

The fourth “I” is for Intention. “Most people have good intentions yet don’t honor those intentions,” Blaise said. “Become accountable to yourself and to someone else. It is imperative that you consistently feed the fire inside yourself by surrounding yourself with influential people who care about you, embracing your interest, following your passion and gathering information.

The fifth and final “I” of Blaise’s theory stands for Interpretation. “Expand your perspective with every setback. You will find a lot of interruptions along the way,” he said. “Don’t allow any interruption to derail you. Instead, look for the blessings inside all interruptions. Take the time to interpret or understand a setback. Being able to do this will give you a leg up on 99.9% of the human population. Let setbacks teach you and let them expand your perspective so you go through life with a positive outlook.”

Blaise used these Five I’s on his journey to college at Syracuse University and into the NFL. Many of them were drilled into him by his mother and great-grandmother. If it wasn’t for them, he wouldn’t be here today. “I know how blessed I am for their amazing support and love,” he acknowledged.

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