Pittsburgh Steelers’Jerricho Cotchery shares wisdom learned from mistakes to inspire kids

Jerricho Cotchery Gives It All He’s Got, Becoming the Man God Created Him to Be

Jerricho Cotchery made big mistakes early on, as he tells it—mostly notably by becoming a gang member at the age of 12. Now he speaks openly about it in hopes of preventing other boys from following that same path. “I want to share everything that I’ve been through so that everyone can see that it’s not as if didn’t make any mistakes. I want them to see that I made the mistakes and I had to learn from those mistakes. Joining a gang when I was young was a bad decision.

“I always said that if I’m blessed enough to be able to make it out of this situation, I want to come back and inspire the youth to be whomever they want to be.”

Jerricho is doing some beautiful work with kids. Click here to read more ==>http://www.theinsightfulplayer.com/2010/06/14/jerricho

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