Detroit Lions’ Rashied Davis teaches kids how to play a bad hand well

Rashied exemplifies the immense power of the human spirit. “When I was a kid, all my idols were gang members. They sold drugs; they had everything that I thought I wanted. But I am here today because I turned away from that stuff. I am here today because somewhere along the line I got some hope from somewhere and that hope, I feel, came from God,” he said.

Rashied wants kids to know that their lives mean much more than they think, much more than they could possibly imagine. He knows how hard it is to make the right decisions and to do it by yourself. He wants to encourage kids to lean on God because He is always there and when you lean on God, you are never alone.

Leaning on God was what set him on the right track. He talks about how important it is for kids to push forward and take full responsibility for creating the kind of life they want.

Rashied has a genuine passion for supporting underprivileged children. He said, “I want to show and give these kids hope and say, ‘I know you live in this area, but there’s a whole other world outside of here. These are your current circumstances, but you don’t have to live in those circumstances your whole life. You can pull yourself through with a lot of hard work, a lot of determination and a lot of faith.’” He wants to show these kids that he comes from where they live, that he is the same person they are.

Rashied said,”I have learned over the years the difference between a man and a boy is, a man learns how to play a bad hand well. No matter what cards I have been dealt, I have figured out how to play a bad hand well. Every kid can learn to do this regardless of their environment.”

He has an enormous drive to help underprivileged children succeed. He and his beloved wife, Dianna, started a charitable organization called Rashied Davis Charities He said, “We focus on literacy and character education and we provide field trips for children in third and fourth grades. Our mission statement is to teach children how to overcome obstacles to success through inspiration, preparation and discipline.” click here to read his story ==>

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