Injury made Chargers Antonio Garay determined to come back better than ever.

Antonio Garay was always a good athlete, but he believes the success that led him eventually to the NFL, where he played for the Bears, the Browns and the Jets before taking up his current position with the San Diego Chargers, comes more from within him than from any level of physical prowess. “People find success in so many different ways,” he said. “Everyone hits bumps in the road, it’s just that for some people the bumps are a little more visible to the public.”

For Antonio, these publicly visible pitfalls mostly had to do with injuries. Though he believes his long series of injuries was coincidental, that history marked him as a risky draft pick. But each time, sheer force of will drove him back into the game eventually. “I’ve been in situations throughout my career where some people doubted me,” he said. “And there were definitely times when knowing that someone did not think I could do something was what motivated me most to do it. I’ve always felt driven to surpass people’s expectations of me.”

The biggest blow came in the form of a broken leg soon after he was signed with the Bears. For an athlete who had already suffered an unusually high number of serious injuries, this one could easily have crushed the hopes of a less determined spirit. But not Antonio. The awareness that a string of injuries like his could permanently dent the reputation of a rising sports star only made him determined to come back better than ever. To read more click here ==>

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