Former NFL Player Jarvis Green teaches kids not to give up

Jarvis Green’s mother kept him out of organized sports Until middle school. When he finally had the chance to take the field in seventh grade, the opportunity almost fell through his fingers. “I was out there doing a drill and I started complaining, saying the other guys hit too hard, this and that. I remember I was tackling the running back, who was my cousin. He was probably three times the size of me and he ran over me two times in a row. The third time, I said to the coach, ‘I’m done with this, this isn’t for me.’ I took my helmet off and threw the helmet down and ran into the locker room. I said, ‘I quit.’ But my coach—Coach Ronnie Rabilis—rest his soul, he ran after me and said, ‘I coached your brothers and I’m not going to let you off this easy,’ and he got me back out there.

I went back out there and we went back to the same drill. He put the same guy in front of me and he said, ‘Tackle him.’ From that day on I was positive about the sport and just about a lot of things, about not giving up, because it was so easy to give up.” To read more  click here==>

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