Redskins Legend Ken Harvey Gained Boatload of Wisdom from Every Experience, Including Mistakes

Ken Harvey believes in second chances. “Mistakes happen,” said the former linebacker for the Phoenix Cardinals and the Washington Redskins and current Washington Redskins Director of Responsibility. “What matters in life is how effectively you rally after making and recognizing a misstep.”

Ken’s own missteps, from his perspective, date back to his decision to drop out of high school. “It wasn’t because I was dumb,” he said. “I was fairly smart, but I was a really shy kid and just developed some bad habits. I was trying to manage school and football, but then I would miss a day of school for whatever reason and I’d be too embarrassed to go back. I felt like people would be pointing a finger at me when I came back. So I’d miss another day, and then it just kept adding up. My football coach started saying to me, ‘What are you doing? You’re wasting your life. You have potential. You could be good. Your parents are on you because of your grades. You’re flunking out of classes.’”

He did drop out, and then fell into a rut of destructive thought patterns. “If you drop out of school, and if you start listening to all the things around you, which was easy to do at the time, you start thinking ‘Okay, maybe I am dumb, maybe I can’t make it, maybe I’m nothing.’ And you lower your standards and you start getting used to that thought, so everything you do fuels that mindset.”

Something changed his thinking one day when he picked up a newspaper to see what kind of job he could hope to have without a high school diploma. “All of a sudden I saw that anything I’d want to do would require a diploma. That made me start thinking that maybe I’d better go back to school. ” Click here to read more ==>


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