Jaguars’ Aaron Kampman talks about how difficult times reveal what’s inside

“Whatever is in our heart comes out in our actions,” said Aaron, who recently completed a graduate studies certificate program through the Dallas Theological Seminary. “There is a Bible passage that says ‘out of the overflow of our heart, the mouth speaks.’ We all wear masks, each and every one of us, but when push comes to shove, who we really are in the difficult times, reveals what’s inside.” The particulars of professional football accelerate this process. “If you’re about yourself, if you’re about money, if you’re about fame and power for yourself, then you will be revealed for that. But if you have values of teamwork and if you’re others centered, that will show up. Our outward actions are responses to what is in our heart. Whenever we look up in the sky and we see all the stars and we see all this creation, we know that we’re not here by ourselves. How did all this get here? Why are we here? I think it’s an embracing of the understanding that there is a Creator and He does want to have a relationship with us.” Click here to read more ==>

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