Myron Lewis Is to Be Applauded

Like so many of the Insightful Players, Myron Lewis’ work for charity is something to be recognized and applauded. The cause closest to Myron’s heart is the Ismay Raymond Foundation Ismay was Myron’s grandmother: a strong, beautiful, courageous woman who fought a long battle against diabetes for 25 years. Yet, despite her disease and suffering, her four grandchildren – Myron and Hamin, Hanik and Hanil Milligan say they never heard her complain, even when the disease claimed her leg.

After Ismay passed away, Myron and the Milligan family wanted to do their part to make sure that no family has to go through what Ismay did. Through the Ismay Raymond Foundation, families affected by diabetes – more than 23 million diabetes sufferers in the US alone – receive no-cost education and treatment.

As a part of their latest funding campaign, The Ismay Raymond Foundation partnered with Charity Hawk to create and sell a line of special t-shirts and hoodies to raise funds for the cause.

These t-shirts and hoodies are only available for a limited time. To show our support for one of our inspirational team members, I encourage you to head to, pick yourself up a new item for your spring wardrobe and support a worthy cause.

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