Insightful Player, NFL Players Association Announce Partnership

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NFLPA Release – November 29, 2012

Contact: Tom Cosentino, iMedia Public Relations

Insightful Player, NFL Players Association Announce Partnership

Nashua, NH (November 29, 2012) – Insightful Player®, a bold movement of hope that features inspiring stories and programs about great NFL role models to inspire youth, today announces its partnership with the NFL Players Association.

This partnership will open the door for all NFLPA members to become aware and potentially involved in Insightful Player activities.  Chrissy Carew, founder of Insightful Player and Hall of Fame Master Certified Personal and Business Coach, will work with the NFLPA to seek out new inspirational player stories and involve more players in the Insightful Player online game on

“This partnership with the NFLPA will allow the Insightful Player initiative to grow to unbelievable heights as we work together to empower our nation’s youth,” said Carew.

Insightful Players are high-integrity NFL players who are passionate about contributing to our nation’s youth. Insightful Player stories revolve around personal journeys taken to make it to the NFL; lessons learned from mistakes made along the way; wisdom gained from overcoming obstacles; and personal growth activities being undertaken now by players.

“We are pleased to have Insightful Player as a partner of the NFLPA because we value the work and effort already undertaken by Chrissy Carew to educate and inspire our youth through the positive off-the-field accomplishments of NFL Players,” said Nolan Harrison, NFLPA Senior Director of Former Players.  “We have many members who selflessly give of themselves to countless causes and worthwhile endeavors.  We look forward to the positive impact our members can have on helping Insightful Player achieve its goal of impacting our nation’s youth.”

“I founded Insightful Player in 2010 on a fundamental and abiding belief that professional athletes, such as NFL players, stand atop a unique platform from which to inspire today’s youth to greatness – through their own powerful example,” noted Carew.

Last fall, The Insightful Player book, featuring the first 32 Insightful Players was released by Morgan James Publishing. Since then, Insightful Player teamed with to launch The Insightful Player Game, a free online game for youth that utilizes the Guiding Principles of the NFL players featured in the book.

For more information visit: and  To contact Chrissy Carew  email: or  call 603-897-0610

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  1. Kudos and I am THRILLED your years of hard work paid off, Chrissy. The NFL and universe are blessed to have join their ranks! Here’s to a brilliant future!

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