Ray Rice (Baltimore Ravens Running Back) Speaks In Memory of Bailey O’Neill

Anti-BullyingProbably you have never heard of Bailey O’Neill. He died in a hospital in Delaware on Sunday,

March 3rd. Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice posted some very moving comments on his Facebook
page about Bailey. Ray Rice spoke against bullying and the effects this atrocity had on him.
Young Bailey lapsed in a coma after sustaining injuries during a bullying incident at his school
and then passed away.

The short story was that the 12 year old was jumped at his school by two classmates
during recess, which left him with a broken nose and a concussion.

Ray wrote on his Facebook page, “After learning last Thursday that doctors said Bailey had
no longer had any brain activity, I reached out to the family and was able to spend about 45
minutes on the phone with them. I could hear their sadness, worry, frustration and grief. They
would be faced with removing their son, cousin, nephew, and best friend from life support.

I don’t think I will ever be able to understand why kids bully each other and how we are all sitting
here after yet another “bully death” getting ready to go through this difficult task of picking up the
pieces and the even more difficult task of forgiving so we can heal.

rayriceBailey – my little buddy, I will not let you become just another bully statistic…you are my
inspiration and one more angel that will help me continue the fight for kids everywhere. You are
going to help me save lives. RIP my little friend.”

We all need to push our teachers and school administrators to act with even more urgency. We
need to emphasize that we trust our children to them. The best way to address bullying is to
stop it before it starts.

As a coach, I know that there are a number of things school staff can do to make schools safer
and prevent bullying. A safe and supportive school climate can help prevent bullying.

Safety starts in the classroom. Students should also feel and be safe everywhere
on campus—in the cafeteria, in the library, in the rest rooms, on the bus, and on the
playground. Our attitude toward bullying and what we will and will not tolerate needs to change
before we have another child to bury.

Here’s to Ray Rice and the modern day heroes in the NFL who carry a message
about better lives for our kids every single day.

Until next time, Chrissy Carew

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Resource: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nfl-shutdown-corner/ray-rice-promises-more-anti-bullying-efforts-wake-201759510–nfl.html 


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