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NFL Female LogoAre you a female who canʼt get enough of NFL football??

It all starts with wanting to spend more time with Dad, hanging out with brothers, a
random babysitter, or even at church. You catch the bug and it never leaves. Suddenly,
you need to know everything you can about the game, the plays, the rules, team players
and coaches. Youʼve got it bad.

Am I the only one? These were my thoughts and the thoughts of every member of The
Sisterhood. Until I heard about this…..

Liz Pannucci NFL Female Founder

Liz Panucci, Editor/Founder

There is a group of women, yes women, who live for football. They breathe, think and
dream about it. How come my girlfriends arenʼt fascinated with NFL like I am? Why are
they talking about all that other irrelevant stuff – I want to talk about football. Has my
defense filled their holes with signings and draft? Will this new O-Line protect my QB?
Can the head coach get the best from his players in the upcoming season? Is there
hope that we just might get into the playoffs this year? This is what I want to talk about.

I plan my schedule around the season, Sundays, Monday nights and yes, even
Thursday nights now. My family knows exactly where I will be come game time. I canʼt
help it – itʼs in my blood.

I have so much knowledge and love for my team and the sport. What do I do with it? I
would love to write, with passion, about my ʻaddictionʼ, but where? My own blog? And
what about talking football? Where do I do that? A radio show, podcast – where?
Remember this one word –

NFL has The Brotherhood. has The Sisterhood. A website for women. All
32 teams. Classy fans who respect each other.

Dayna O'Gorman

Dayna O’Gorman, Official Seahawks Fan Reporter
Host – Wednesday Night With nflfemale

We also do a lot of talking, yes about football, on our Wednesday Night With nflfemale
podcast. Fun times!

We know football. We talk football. We live football.

Come and belong – Join The Sisterhood!!
twitter: @NFLFemale
WARNING: smiles and laughter may occur

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