How Can Insightful Player® Help Me As a Parent, Teacher, Coach, Student or Fan?

Inspirational Stories to Help Young People…And the Adults Who Mentor Them

A bold movement of hope committed to inspiring today’s youth, the Insightful Player® program features a comprehensive collection of heartening and empowering stories and interviews with high integrity people who are also current and former NFL players.

In these stories, players discuss their passions, their past mistakes, the obstacles they have overcome and the wisdom they gained along the way. Each story demonstrates the ways in which their values and experiences helped shape them into the extraordinary people they are today.

Whether you are a teen or other youth looking for better role models in your own life, or an adult who needs more tools to provide good examples for the young people you care about, these stories of how our Insightful Player® team members overcame their own challenges will guide you along your journey.

A Valuable Toolkit for a Better Tomorrow

With messages of hope that provoke positive action and inspiring stories that evoke the best within, The Insightful Player® initiative provides a valuable toolkit that takes a fresh approach in opening channels of communication and  taking action to create a better future for all.

The Insightful Player® program is used by:

  • parents together with their children
  • educators in the classroom
  • coaches, athletic teams and clubs
  • youth groups
  • any setting in which impressionable young people gather for reflection and exchange of ideas

Beyond the Insightful Player® Story Collection

Coming soon is a multitude of Insightful Player® programs:

  • player appearances
  • special events
  • school curriculum
  • books, workbooks, magazines and more
  • follow up personal / life coaching for children who attend Insightful Player® events


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