Men of Spirit Men of SportsThis is a book that takes a new look at sports and spirituality. Some of America’s greatest sports figures talk about the spiritual strength that sustained them in moments of glory and in moments of pain. Among those featured are: Mickey Mantle, Jackie Robinson, Bob Cousy, Roger Staubach, Mike Ditka, Gerry Faust, Jim O’Brien, Stan Musial, Ernie Banks, and Red Schoendienst.

Carew writes about many famous athletes, and the result is a fascinating book.

— The Worcester Telegram & Gazette.

Men of Spirit, Men of Sports is about tough guys with a strong faith in God, and about how the games little boys play help form them as men. Carew profiles several sports figures of extraordinary faith…he has a gift for mixing tenderness with toughness, as you might expect from an altar boy who also played linebacker.

–The Boston Globe

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Please Encourage Me Ebook - Inspiring Children to ThrivePlease Encourage Me shares a framework for encouraging and supporting young people that can be put into practice immediately. Its principles are practical, easy to remember, and easy to share with others. Become an INPIREer of children and teens and learn a model for helping young people thrive.

You will meet Charlie, a young man aspiring to become a teacher, and Will, a teenager with aspirations of his own. Charlie, wanting to support Will, turns to the two people who had supported him and encouraged him through some very difficult times when he was growing up. Coach and Mrs. T share with him what they have learned about helping children and teens become the best they can be.

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Most people are fortunate to have just one remarkable talent, but Benjamin Utecht is not like most people.  One of the proudest moments of Utecht’s life came at that fateful Super Bowl Championship game where he and his teammates in the Indianapolis Colts claimed a hard-fought victory over the Chicago Bears.  His injuries (including a career-ending concussion) have since forced him into retirement from football, but his love of music and impressive vocal ability has helped to launch his childhood dream of a successful singing career.

As a man who is embodies hope, it seems only right that Utecht’s first release is a record celebrates the holiday season titled Christmas Hope.  Featuring classic holiday songs and hymns as well as an original track called “Hope,” Christmas Hope is the perfect way to celebrate the season with loved ones.  Available everywhere, Utecht is sure to prove his place in the industry and introduce a new side of himself to fans across the nation. Click here to learn more and order.

If God wants us all to be with him in Heaven, why did he put us on earth first?

This question has puzzled humans for centuries. I believe we were born into this world first for the same reason every player in the NFL starts his career tossing a pigskin in his own backyard: Whether it’s the gates of Heaven or the goalposts of the Super Bowl, we are not worthy, nor ready to stand before either until we are first prepared.
Reggie Kelly



Karl Mecklenburg's Book for Student Athletes



Heart of a Student Athlete: All Pro Advice for Competitors and Their Families is a Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient in the inspiration/motivation category. For more information on Karl Mecklenburg’s award-winning book go to



Dead End Road, Written by Insightful Player Jason Brown’s mother, Deborah F. Brown.

This is a must-read book about St. Louis Rams, Jason Brown’s, awe-inspiring grandfather Jasper Brown. This book should be mandatory reading for every child and adult. With Love, Chrissy Carew.

Dead End Road captures the historical, educational and political events surrounding Jasper Brown and his struggles to integrate the public schools in Caswell County, North Carolina.

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The Mother-Son Running Streak Club: How I bonded with my nine-year-old son by running a mile with him every day for a year. By Nancy Shohet West

Brilliant, fascinating and very touching story about the amazing adventure of a dedicated, proactive and very caring mother and her precious 9 year old boy. A beautiful connection between mother and son to inspire us all!

A must read book for every parent! Available for order through Nancy’s website,

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Change Your Attitude… Change Your Life: 24/seven is a monthly, free e-magazine for personal growth and self-empowerment. The approach is holistic, incorporating body, mind and spirit. As philosopher Frances Bacon said, “Knowledge is power.” Use this knowledge to make every minute, hour and day of your life count. View here.


Podium Sports Journal website – Dedicated to the best practices in applied sport psychology

A highly respected on-line magazine for athletes, coaches, sports medicine professionals and parents of gifted athletes. Filled with valuable information, tools and guidelines on mental conditioning for peak performance or quick recovery. Professional, Olympic, collegiate and prep – athletes give Podium rave reviews.


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