Reaching Out With the Insightful Player® Initiative

Understanding the ways that inspiring stories from NFL players and other athletes can motivate today’s youth to overcome obstacles and reach great heights is only one piece of the Insightful Player® initiative.

Now that these stories have been told, my goal is to put inspiration into action. What does that look like? For me, it means starting a positive revolution. The unmet needs of our children require an army of support right now. We are running out of time.

I have always been someone who believes in the profound goodness of humanity and the immense power of the human spirit. In my life and in my coaching business alike, I have always sought ways to bolster the underdog. I have spent years in my career learning to help adults navigate their own way to success and fulfillment – and now I want to translate that message to youth and children.

The athletes’ stories told in the Insightful Player book are only the beginning – the tip of the iceberg. Next, the Insightful Player® initiative wants to reach out with a host of ongoing player programs and events to put those beliefs into action, including follow-up coaching for kids. A critical component of my vision for helping children is making it possible for every young person to have a coach – someone to guide and inspire them as they navigate the often tricky waters of youth; someone to hear their worries, offer them alternatives, and lead by example.

Facing down adversity and learning from the experience is a critical factor in human psychological development. The NFL players in my first book, Insightful Player: Football Pros Lead a Bold Movement of Hope, show their vulnerability and are in sync with my message. By sharing their stories of missteps, obstacles and the process for reaching their dreams and achieving their goals in spite of challenges, I hope to reach young people and make a difference in their perspective on the future.

Within the field of professional coaching, most of us operate under the principle that the client is much more resourceful, talented and stronger than they realize. My personal coaching is all about being a tour guide to my clients’ soul. If the oft-cited statistic that we reach an average of only 10% of our potential in a lifetime is true, coaching can dramatically improve this statistic. Coaching helps people create internal shifts that turn into permanent improvements. It helps people to make leaps in their thinking, their confidence, and their performance.

How to translate these benefits to young people is the preeminent question that the Insightful Player® initiative faces. My mission began with a collaboration with NFL players; in the future it is my hope to bring professional athletes in other sports into the mix. With this campaign, I am adhering to a long-held dream of leveraging professional athletes’ positive influence over today’s youth by bringing their heartwarming stories and their live presence at events with follow-up coaching intended to cement learning, growth, and faith in one’s own abilities.

The human spirit carries within it immense power. It is never too early to start introducing our children to this power and helping them learn to corral it. My campaign is one step down the road to helping young people experience this for themselves.

How teachers, coaches, parents and community members can join our bold movement of hope and help us spread the word

  • Download the Guiding Principles e-book and discuss it with the kids you know
  • Contact your local TV stations and newspapers when you hear positive stories and ask that they be shared
  • Visit regularly and tell your friends about us
  • Nominate players you would like us to add to the insightful Player® team
  • Purchase our book, Insightful Player: Football Pros lead a bold movement of hope

We want to hear from you. Please let us know how we can best support you. Contact us at

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