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New England Patriots Captain, Matthew Slater
The word “humble” comes up a lot when teammates, coaches, or friends talk about Matthew Slater, wide receiver, safety, gunner, and special teams captain for the New England Patriots who has played in three Pro Bowls since first being drafted in 2008.
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Doug Baldwin
Super Bowl Champion, Doug Baldwin
"Don’t let adversity define you. See challenges as interesting opportunities to grow."
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Devin McCourty
Devin McCourty
"Take inspiration from the stories of others. Believe that if they can overcome their obstacles, you can overcome yours."
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Ben Watson
Benjamin Watson
"Question what you see around you rather than blindly complying with what others do. Be courageous in your quest for knowledge and understanding."
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Kyle Arrington
Kyle Arrington
"Believe in God. Even when things don’t go the way you hope, have faith that God has a meaningful and vital plan for you."
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Jason McCourty
Jason McCourty
" Keep your focus on realizing your dreams, and avoid detractors who try to tell you what is and is not possible for you."
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