Atlanta Falcons Reggie Kelly teaches us to be unique by honoring our greatest talents and gifts.

Reggie Kelly said, “I would like to stress the importance of being unique. You don’t have to be like the next person. Just because this is the way the in-crowd does it, you can go against the grain and still be a success. You can be different, you can be unique; this is what this world needs.

“A lot of time when you follow the in-crowd it’s going to lead to some form of destruction. It worked that way for me. I was trying to be like everybody else because being accepted meant everything to me … it ran my life and it was exhausting! I finally figured it out that I didn’t have to be like everybody else, that I’ve got my own style. If you have your own flavor and you maximize your own uniqueness, MAN! There are all kinds of possibilities out there for you. I think that’s the way that God wants it. He made each of us different. He gave all of us different gifts and different talents. You are here to maximize your talents and create a life that dreams are made of.

“I am inspired to help kids avoid a lot of stuff that I’ve gone through. The Bible says that to whom much is given, much is required. So, I know that God has given me a great platform being in the NFL. He put me here so that I can have a great influence on kids.”

Reggie is committed to a life of learning and growing. He is the first to admit that he has a lot of room for growth. Out because of his injury in the 2009 season, he worked on becoming more patient. Sometimes he found it hard to be on the sidelines rather than on the field because of his injury. He became antsy and wanted to be out on the field. He reminded himself to calm down, relax and let the healing process take its time; let the rehab process get him in the right position to perform for the upcoming year. He knew that in due time this would pass and God would bring new opportunities his way. To read more click here ==>


Jaguars’ Aaron Kampman talks about how difficult times reveal what’s inside

“Whatever is in our heart comes out in our actions,” said Aaron, who recently completed a graduate studies certificate program through the Dallas Theological Seminary. “There is a Bible passage that says ‘out of the overflow of our heart, the mouth speaks.’ We all wear masks, each and every one of us, but when push comes to shove, who we really are in the difficult times, reveals what’s inside.” The particulars of professional football accelerate this process. “If you’re about yourself, if you’re about money, if you’re about fame and power for yourself, then you will be revealed for that. But if you have values of teamwork and if you’re others centered, that will show up. Our outward actions are responses to what is in our heart. Whenever we look up in the sky and we see all the stars and we see all this creation, we know that we’re not here by ourselves. How did all this get here? Why are we here? I think it’s an embracing of the understanding that there is a Creator and He does want to have a relationship with us.” Click here to read more ==>