New England Patriots Kyle Arrington’s road to Success – inspiring story

Ex-Eagle Arrington shining with Patriots by Reuben Frank of

The New England Patriots’ Kyle Arrington

The New England Patriots’ Kyle Arrington’s Guiding Principles taken from Insightful Player: Football Pros Lead a Bold Movement of Hope

Instant replay of Kyle’s Guiding Principles:
1.Never stop pushing yourself. You will always need to strive for what you want; there is no point at which it will be handed to you for keeps.
2.Believe in God. Even when things don’t go the way you hope, have faith that God has a meaningful and vital plan for you.
3.Show loyalty to your friends, family, superiors and teammates. Have the humility that comes from being part of a group.
4.Remember that mental resolve is even more important than physical ability when it comes to getting what you want—even if what you want is to be a professional athlete.
5.Follow the examples of those you admire.
6.Learn from your own mistakes. Look for the positive message to be found in every setback.
7.Appreciate what you’ve been given. It could be taken away at any time.
8.Treat other people with respect and kindness, in accordance with how you would want them to treat you.
9.No matter how strong an athlete you are, make academics your highest priority, because academic success ultimately has more potential for your future than athletic success.

With his sense of self-determination and boundless resolve combined with faith and spirituality, Kyle reflects the fundamental values of an extraordinary Insightful Player™ team member.