Insightful Player® Testimonials

What NFL Players Are Saying About
the Insightful Player® Campaign

anthony-adamsAnthony Adams, NFL retired defensive tackle

“Insightful Player® gives fans the ability to see NFL Players outside their helmets. It is a wonderful avenue for the players to share where they came from, who they are and what they represent. There really isn’t any other avenue for this other than Insightful Player®.
I am very happy to be on the Insightful Player® team.”

Kyle Arrington, NFL PlayerKyle Arrington, New England Patriots

“Insightful Player® will make the world a better, more fun and safer place for all. It is so positive and will give kids and adults a lot of hope. Insightful Player® reminds everyone that the right attitude can make us powerful beyond measure and limitless in what we can do in the world. I am thrilled and definitely honored to be an Insightful Player®.”

Doug Baldwin Seattle SeahawksDoug Baldwin, Jr., Seattle Seahawks Wide Receiver

“Insightful Player® is a wonderful thing. All these positive stories can be very impactful in a number of ways. If my story has a positive impact on one person’s life it could have a ripple affect. I remember the positive influence athletes had on me when they came to the Salvation Army Youth Center. They talked about the importance of education, working hard, being a good person and treating others with respect. Their messages still resonate with me today. I am doing something similar myself. I am very passionate about empowering others. If readers can take one thing away from my story, that will be great. I am happy to be an Insightful Player®. It is great.”

Matt BirkMatt Birk, NFL Director of Football Development

“Insightful Player® gives fans a real and unique opportunity to see us beyond the football field. We, like everyone else, strive to be better husbands, better fathers, and better men.  We try to live our lives the right way.  I read the stories of other Insightful Players and I am truly inspired and honored to be on the same team as them.”

Rocky Boiman, NFL PlayerRocky Boiman, NFL Free Agent / Former Player: Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs, Tennessee Titans, Pittsburgh Steelers

“Insightful Player® is fabulous and has a great message. We can all help each other out through this and do a great, great thing for our community and for our world. The NFL has such a large stage and it’s a part of our culture. What better example for kids than people who have gone through these trials and tribulations that football and life inevitably bring.  I am very honored and very happy to be a part of Insightful Player®.”

Jason Brown,Saint Louis Rams

“The Insightful Player® is wonderful. I want to thank you for presenting this opportunity to me. Every player should be given the opportunity to share what is truly in their heart. My message is a about love and hope for a brighter tomorrow. If I can touch one child this has been worth it and I thank you.” Photo, courtesy of the Saint Louis Rams

Jason CampbellJason Campbell, 
Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback

“Being an Insightful Player is an opportunity to get out there and tell a positive story rather than the negative ones that sometimes get told. Kids hear me and relate to me; maybe something I’ve been going through can help them learn that tough times don’t last; tough people do. …. Insightful Player is doing a great job of reaching a lot of kids and by reaching out to NFL players who have been there and done a lot of things. Kids can learn a lot from the Insightful Player initiative.”

Danny Clark, NFL Free Agent

“I love The Insightful Player® and I love the concept. There needs to be more of it. If there is anything you need let me know. I would love to see it grow.”

Jerricho Cotchery, Carolina Panthers

“Insightful Player® is great for everyone and everyone needs this. It is important for everybody in the world to see the environment that we grew up in, what we’ve overcome, how we did it and the benefits we received from facing adversity head on. This is where we got our strength from. The insights shared by each player is valuable. I hope this really inspires people, especially kids to follow their passion no matter what. Insightful Player® is wonderful and I thank you.”

Rashied Davis,Detroit Lions

“The Insightful Player® is a wonderful piece. I appreciate the Insightful Player® because it so positive! The Insightful Player® is taking a strong stand in showing the world all the positive things NFL players are doing.” Photo, courtesy of Bill Smith, Chicago Bears

James Dearth, NFL Free Agent

“I think The Insightful Player® is awesome! This will be huge for kids and adults.”

Chris Draft, NFL Free Agent

“The Insightful Player® is what it’s all about! The youth of today will acquire vital lessons from The Insightful Player® by learning about the true passion and creativity of the NFL’s finest! The platform, that we as NFL players have, is one that I will continue to use for the betterment of communities in need across the country!”

Heath Evans, NFL Free Agent

“If the readers would emulate one aspect of each Insightful Player® message we could slowly but steadily change the world. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be an Insightful Player®.”

Antonio Garay, San Diego Chargers

“Insightful Player® is an inspiring and informative outlet for everyone. Coach Carew is a vessel giving people the opportunity to engage and learn about players’ true words and genuine feelings. I am more insightful about myself because of my conversation with Coach Carew. The Insightful Player® reminds people, to stay true to themselves and to fight the fight and make sure that the fight that they’re fighting is what they believe in and is in alignment with their morals and ethics.”

Jarvis Green, Houston Texans

“The premise of the Insightful Player® is caring about others – doing more for others rather than focusing on yourself. This will help the world because everybody feeds off of positive things. The Insightful Player® will help people believe more in themselves and this will help change the world.”

Steve Grogan, Former Player: New England Patriots

“Insightful Player® is a valuable asset to young people and adults too. We all need to conduct ourselves as if there’s somebody watching us at all times, because you never know how you might influence kids in a positive way or a negative way. It is great that Insightful Player® is getting these positive stories out there.”

Ken Harvey, Former NFL Player

“The Insightful Player® is awesome! People can see athletes in a different perspective other than that whole big dumb jock thing. We need to start seeing some good stuff about good people who are looking back because there is wisdom in their words. It’s an honor to be an Insightful Player®.”

Reggie Howard, Former NFL Player

“I am very happy to be an Insightful Player®. Insightful Player® is doing something that has substance behind it and is very giving. Insightful Player® is giving kids the opportunity to learn more about the athletes, personally. The media talk about who they are as players on the field. Insightful Player® gets down to the core of who the individual is. This is valuable for kids and adults too. I like Insightful Player® and what they are doing. I definitely want to be involved.”

Steve Hoyem

Steve Hoyem, Former NFL Player

“Coach Carew is a true leader and authentic human being. Inspiring professional athletes to seek ways to bring more purpose to their game is truly a powerful and attractive vision. I am honored to be part of the Insightful Player team!”

Shad Ireland Running

Shad Ireland, Ironman Triathlete

“Insightful Player® is a conduit for athletes to reach the communities they care deeply about. I am honored and humbled to be included with greats like Andre Tippet, Reggie Howard and others. I grew up watching these guys and in a way have been molded and shaped by their philanthropic efforts to make a difference. This is the power of Insightful Player®. Its’ platform can reach others, make a difference, and motivate and inspire.”

Brian Jordan, Baseball and Football Pro

“Oftentimes, there are misconceptions about professional athletes. Thanks to “Insightful Player®,” fans are able to learn more about our off-the-field activities. It’s an honor to be recognized as an Insightful Player® and I promise to continue leveraging my accomplishments to positively influence and impact society.”

Aaron Kampman, Jacksonville Jaguars

“Insightful Player® is very well done. We are on the same team and we have the same mission to create hope where there is none.  It is tremendous to partner with Insightful Player® for a common goal.  Our partnership is fun and it is the right thing to do.”

Reggie Kelly, Atlanta Falcons

“I appreciate the opportunity to be an Insightful Player®. A project like this can touch millions! I can’t think of anything with this level of uniqueness. I am excited about this and excited about you taking the initiative. My prayer is you stick to it, continue to work hard with it and let God bless it. ” Photo, courtesy of the Cincinnati Bengals

Myron Lewis, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

“I am honored to have been selected by and featured on Insightful Player® and Coach Carew. Insightful Player® brings to light the positive side of football. Coach Carew is filling a big need for the sport. And….she is the perfect person to fill that need! Thank you, Coach Carew. You are doing an unbelievable job. Keep it up.”

Corey Louchiey

Corey Louchiey

“Insightful Player is a great program that will make a difference in the lives of everyday ordinary people. Coach Carew is an amazing person that understands the value of leaving a Legacy. I’m honored to be associated with Insightful Player and I look forward to changing lives and making a difference one child at a time… Love, Compassion & Kindness does not cost a dime and when I think of Insightful Players these characteristics’come to mind… Go Coach Carew !!!!!! “

Devin McCourty, New England Patriots

“The Insightful Player® is great! Talking to Coach Carew is motivating. Insightful Player® humanizes the athlete and lets people get to know who we who we are. I am excited to be an Insightful Player®. “

Jason McCourty, Tennessee Titans

“The Insightful Player® will help the world because it will inspire people to realize that whatever they want to do isn’t far away if they really focus. It gives people insight into what we have gone through to get where we are today. We are regular people who have gone through some of the same struggles as everyone else. I am excited to be an Insightful Player®. “

Tom McManus former Jacksonville Jaguar

Tom McManus, Former Jacksonville Jaguar Linebacker

“Insightful Player® is awesome. I was drawn to Insightful Player® because of Coach Carew’s dedication to empower people who want to change the world, especially for our kids. I too, take a strong stand for empowering youth. I am passionate about sharing my personal message of hope to help make this world a better place. I am honored to be an Insightful Player®!”

Karl Mecklenburg, Former NFL Player

“The Insightful Player® is great! Kids don’t have role models and it is great The Insightful Player® offers this to them.”

Billy Miller, NFL Free Agent / Free Player: Houston Texans, New Orleans Saints and Denver Broncos

“Love what the Insightful Player® stands for, it’s awesome! It goes hand in hand with what I really believe – to take the opportunity to use this platform to make a difference in a positive way. To get the voice of the everyday athlete out as well as the super star. – that’s what I love about the Insightful Player®. “

Steve Nelson, New England Patriots Hall of Famer

“Insightful Player® is awesome! What it is doing is critical to our country. We have to look at where we leave this country for our kids and grand kids. That’s our responsibility.  Something this positive is going to have a positive effect on young people.”

Former NFL Linebacker Keith ONeilKeith O’Neil,Former NFL Linebacker

“Insightful Player® is exactly what our society needs. We need more positive role models to step up and lead. The NFL has such an enormous platform and Coach Carew has the ability to bring us players together in an effort to change the world. I am more than honored to be part of the Insightful Player® team.”

Montell Owens,Jacksonville Jaguars

“We need more of what you are doing. You are the first I’ve ever heard of doing something like this. I have actually had my eyes open and you are the first trying to make a difference on this scale and level. This is incredible! I am overjoyed! ” Photo, courtesy of the Jacksonville Jaguars

Kevin Reilly, Former NFL Player

“We need role models and the Insightful Player® is a great campaign! The messages we share will give the readers a sigh of relief because it will remind them they are not alone.”

Tony Richardson, NFL Free Agent

“The Insightful Player® is a great program; I am very excited about it! Some athletes have a tremendous platform and we should take advantage of it to help others. I believe in your passion and everything you are doing, this will benefit young people. Thank you for allowing me to be included.” Photo, courtesy of Laurel Austin


Andy Russell, Pittsburgh Steelers’ Legend

“I am very proud and blessed to have become a participant in theInsightful Player. The Steeler owners, the Rooneys, always stressed to us that it is extremely important to give back to the community, to help people in need and to do our best to teach what our journey has taught us to the young people in our city. The Insightful player team has a strong group of players who I’m sure have been inspirational to the youngsters who read their motivational writings and I hope to contribute also to educate, inspire and drive as many young people as possible.”

Gerome Sapp, NFL Former Player : Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts

“The Insightful Player® campaign is novel and a wonderful idea! People need and want to be inspired! Anybody who reads the stories can get some sort of insight into our lives and get some kind of inspiration. They can make themselves better by what we’re saying and how you put it together – it can have a positive influence on the world. Professional athletes being able to inspire people is a great combination. “

Matthew Slater photo


Matthew Slater, New England Patriots

“Insightful Player is great to get out a positive message that has substance and impact on the lives of young people and older people as well. I am encouraged that we have platforms like this to reach people in a positive way. “

Brad Smith for Insightful Player

Brad Smith, Philadelphia Eagles

“The Insightful Player® is a great opportunity for athletes to use their platform to make an impact on people’s lives both young and old. Coach Chrissy Carews’ genuine passion for making lives better is what makes me proud to be part of the Insightful Player® team. “

Dave Stalls outside Street Fraternity

Dave Stalls, Two Time Super Bowl Winner

“I am happy to join the Insightful Player® team. It would be great for people to learn about
Street Fraternity’s mission to provide a place of brotherhood and programs for personal growth for violent young men. I would love my story to inspire other professional athletes to give strong consideration to how they too could contribute to their community to better our world.”

Roger Staubach, Hall of Fame Quarterback: Dallas Cowboys

“The Insightful Player® is a great idea. Influencing others in a positive way and opening up people’s minds to see things in a positive way is important.”

Andre Tippett,Hall of Fame Linebacker: New England Patriots

“The Insightful Player® campaign is a wonderful tool. We all need to read things, we all need to hear about other people’s stories to figure out what’s wrong, how to get better or how to get out of a funk. The Insightful Player® will give you an ability to cling to someone’s story, cling to some idea or cling to some thought that may trigger something and inspire you on to greatness. I cannot wait to see the total package of your project. Thanks for including me.” Photo, courtesy of the New England Patriots

Torrell TroupTorell Troup,NFL Free Agent

“Insightful Player is a really good idea. Growing up it would have been great to have something positive like this to read and apply to my life. It would have been valuable to learn about someone else who has been there, done that and became successful. We all go through the same things. No one is alone in their trials and tribulations. Thank you for having me become an Insightful Player. I really appreciate it.”

Ben Utecht,Former NFL Former Player: Indianapolis Colts & Cincinnati Bengals

“I believe Insightful Player® is laying a foundation of inspiration for many who don’t have answers or thoughts on how to approach life and it’s many twists and turns. My hope is that, through Insightful Player®, readers will be able to find their own truths and stand confident in them while also experiencing special growth within themselves. Thank you Insightful Player®.” Photo, courtesy of the Cincinnati Bengals

Damian Vaughn,Former NFL Player

“The Insightful Player® has an incredible vision and this vision is much, much needed. We need more leaders to stand up in the way that the Insightful Player® has laid out a map for them to do so. I see tremendous potential in the Insightful Player® and I think it has a huge, huge, huge value in our culture. It provides a format for athletes to connect in a different way with young kids in such a hugely positive way. I love it!”

Benjamin Watson, Cleveland Browns

“The Insightful Player® is really needed and it will have a positive impact on the world. The hope is that the impact of the first person who reads the article will spread to a second and third person and each person will become motivated to spread the message to somebody else. The Insightful Player® will be successful because people will gravitate to it.” Photo, courtesy of the New England Patriots

Daniel Wilcox, Former NFL Player

“Coach Carew is an amazing person. I definitely give the Insightful Player® two thumbs up. I can’t wait to start reading the stories you are writing. Thank you very much. I appreciate the opportunity to be an Insightful Player®.”

Perry Williams

Perry Williams, Giants’ Two Time Super Bowl Champion

“In a day-and-age when most don’t recognize the value in putting an athlete’s expression of faith in print, Chrissy Carew—”Coach” Carew—demonstrates a courage that sets her above!

Her Insightful Player® provides an honest view of the professional football player. This allows athletes of-faith to share who they really are. In this way we are better able to connect with our youth and positively impact them for their own hopeful future. Chrissy’s past success in accomplishing this is a demonstration of her excellent ability, wisdom, and heartfelt desire to improve our world.

And, as we both share the same time-honored values, it is a joy to be part of Coach Carew‘s Insightful Player® team. Together, we will reach the next generation to help improve youthful lives now, so they too, in turn, can “pay-it-forward” and make a difference, when they are successful adults.

Thank you for including me in this most noble effort!”

Blaise Winter, Former NFL Player

“It is about time that someone takes a stand and highlights noteworthy NFL players and former players. Our kids need role models and The Insightful Player® is a blessing.”

Usama Young, Cleveland Browns

“The Insightful Player® is major and just what the world needs. So many people overlook how much professional athletes contribute to our youth. It is important to do everything we can to inspire kids. I admire you for what you are doing.”

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