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American Football

Insightful Player® 


A bold movement of hope 

to transform culture into an inclusive, kinder, and more loving place

Our Vision

A world where civil rights are sacred, every young person has a dedicated coach, people joyfully bring out the best within themselves and others, they embody empathy and compassion, they value their differences, and they come together to transform culture into an inclusive, a kinder, and more loving place. 


Our Mission

A catalyst for a bold movement of hope that empowers youth and champions of youth to embrace the goodness within themselves and others, and nurture culture where everyone feels valued and respected. We do this by sharing inspiring stories, thought-provoking videos, live interviews, uplifting podcasts, and all-embracing programs that feature great role models such as NFL players. All Insightful Player® programs are followed up with professional life coaching for youth.


Our Purpose

To lift the spirit.

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