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Youth Empowerment and Leadership Programs for Schools and Community Organizations

Insightful Player® is a comprehensive youth development program focused on helping kids become the best versions of themselves. Program founder, author, and professional coach Chrissy Carew partners with high-integrity professional athletes in delivering customized programming to a variety of groups:


  • Schools

  • Athletic Teams

  • Club Sport Organizations

  • Youth Groups (Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Boys and Girls Club, etc.)

  • Church Groups

  • Town Recreation Programs

Inspiring Lessons for Youth from Pro NFL Athletes

A core part of our programming is derived from Chrissy’s book, The Insightful Player. It includes candid stories about the struggles, obstacles, and lessons learned by former NFL players on their paths to success.  

Helping Kids Develop Positive Character Traits

All our programs are led by certified coaches and professional athletes committed to helping today’s youth develop the positive character traits required to become tomorrow’s leaders: 

  • Inner Strength, Courage, and Confidence

  • Resilience and Perseverance

  • Humility, Integrity, and Character

  • A Desire to Make the Most of one’s Abilities

  • Kindness, Empathy, and Compassion

  • Respect for Oneself and Others

  • A Positive Attitude and Sense of Hope

  • A Generous, Caring Spirit Fueled by Serving Others

Insightful Player® Program Options

Our goal is to make Insightful Player® programming available to kids in every community. We can customize our program to fit your needs—from school-wide assemblies to small classroom-style curriculums, to individual or group coaching. We also offer personal programming to help kids transform their culture in their own “backyards,” bringing more love and kindness into their families, neighborhoods, churches, or community organizations: 

  • Player Appearances and Special Events

  • Classroom-style Curriculums

  • Programs and Workshops

  • Individual and Group Coaching

  • Support for Parents and Children


Contact us how we can bring our inspiring program to your school, group, or community.

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