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Insightful Player Book

Whether you are a parent, coach, or teacher looking for a tool that can inspire and motivate, a fan interested in learning how players overcame obstacles to reach the NFL, or someone that just enjoys reading poignant, inspiring stories, Insightful Player delivers.


Insightful Player chronicles the path active and former players took to reach the NFL, not only using their football talents but often taking genuinely heroic steps to overcome life’s obstacles. 

One player’s father was murdered when he was eight; he had to duck for cover in his home when bullets were flying on his street. Another player, as early as five years old, saw people shot. A Hall of Fame player never had a winter coat or boots and didn’t always have food to eat. A former player was put in classes for the mentally disabled, his father “beat the tar” out of him, and his coaches wouldn’t help him get into college because they said he had no talent.


All of these players overcame these hardships to achieve a place in the NFL. Each story shows the immense power of the human spirit. We all need to be reminded of this – especially kids, and especially now.


Providing lessons in perseverance, integrity, courage and values, Insightful Player  is a playbook for inspiring us all – especially our children. Use it to teach, learn and inspire!

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"By exposing these inspirational stories that reflect the immense power of the human spirit to as many readers as possible, especially our youth, Chrissy Carew is giving all of us a means with which to evoke the very best within all of us to make this world a much better and more loving place."

- James Brown, Emmy-Award Winning NFL Studio Host

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