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Empowering youth to improve their lives today and work toward a better tomorrow.

Programs and coaching for the next generation and the adults who guide them.

Youth Empowerment, Leadership Programming
and Coaching

Humanity is at a crossroads of transformation and obliteration. It is time for all of us to step it up and make inspiring and supporting our youth a much bigger priority.  We need to help shape our youth into high integrity and caring leaders now. This will give them a deeper sense of hope and belief in themselves and will put them on the path to take humanity to heights that we cannot imagine. However, if we fail to do so, could mean the end of humankind.


The future of our world depends on how well today’s youth can navigate today's challenges and complexities—for they are the leaders of tomorrow. Insightful Player® was formed out of a desire to help our youth become the best versions of themselves, empowering them to transform our world into a kinder and more inclusive, and loving place.


We offer programming and coaching tailored to the unique needs and interests of the schools, communities, youth, educators, and families we serve. In partnership with NFL football players and other professional athletes, we support today’s youth in developing:

  • Inner Strength, Courage, and Confidence

  • Resilience and Perseverance

  • Humility, Integrity, and Character

  • A desire to make the most of one’s abilities

  • Kindness, Empathy, and Compassion

  • Respect for oneself and others

  • A positive attitude and sense of hope

  • A generous, caring spirit fueled by serving others


School and Community Programs Taught by Certified Coaches and Professional Athletes

All our programs are led by certified professional coaches and professional athletes committed to helping today’s youth thrive. Our assemblies, workshops, classroom programs, and coaching sessions all follow the Insightful Players’ Guiding Principles, including those in the book, written by Insightful Player® founder Coach Chrissy Carew.


Our flexible, customized programs can be delivered to groups and individuals in a variety of school and community settings. We also offer programming and coaching for educators, parents, and other champions of kids.

Photo courtesy of New England Patriots

Inspiring Lessons for Youth from Pro NFL Athletes

A core part of our programming comes from former NFL players who have an intense desire to make an impact on the world—especially where kids are concerned. They want to inspire, encourage and empower today's youth by sharing their passions, past mistakes, obstacles they have overcome, and the wisdom they gained along the way. 

Contact us to learn how our Insightful Player® team member stories can benefit the youth in your community.

Usama-Young-Saints-uniform (1).png


 “Insightful Player® will make the world a better, more fun and safer place for all. It is so positive and will give kids and adults a lot of hope. Insightful Player® reminds everyone that the right attitude can make us powerful beyond measure and limitless in what we can do in the world. I am thrilled and definitely honored to be an Insightful Player®.”

Kyle Arrington, Retired Super Bowl Champion

“The premise of the Insightful Player® is caring about others – doing more for others rather than focusing on yourself. This will help the world because everybody feeds off of positive things. The Insightful Player® will help people believe more in themselves and this will help change the world.”

Jarvis Green, Retired Super Bowl Champion

“The Insightful Player® is major and just what the world needs. So many people overlook how much professional athletes contribute to our youth. It is important to do everything we can to inspire kids. I admire you for what you are doing.”

Usama Young,  Retired Super Bowl Champion

Insightful Player® Book Available on Amazon

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