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1, 2, 3, Score! Roger Staubach, Rashied Davis and the NFL Foundation Give Back

#1. Roger Staubach is an amazing and truly unique individual. He even runs his charitable foundation differently than other pro athletes. Surprisingly, Roger Staubach does not solicit donations, throw fundraising parties or even seek publicity. The money he gives to charity nearly all comes out of his pocket. “If you have a foundation, it’s very instrumental that you be putting your own wealth into it,” said the Hall of Famer and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback. Roger and his loved ones started the family foundation in 1979 as part of their estate planning. It’s run by Staubach’s daughter, Amy Mentgen, and serves as a guide for the couple’s wishes. Gifts given from the foundation range from $500 to $25,000 and have gone to such well-deserved organizations as the Children’s Cancer Fund, the Genesis Women’s Shelter and many, many others.

#2. Next up on this week’s NFL Insightful Player® spotlight is Rashied Davis’ Saturday Place. Saturday Place is a space where children learn to see beyond their existing circumstances, acquire the knowledge and academic skills necessary for success, and understand their obligation to self and others. Saturday Place provides tutoring programs in the areas of enrichment, literacy and character education for 3rd and 4th grade students, with the goal of fostering the academic skills and personal skills they need to achieve success. Through Saturday Place, Rashied asks us all support disadvantaged youth to get the educational help they deserve to succeed in life.

#3. The NFL Foundation itself is also a huge charitable role model. The NFL Foundation will hold fundraising events in New Orleans this week and next, before the big game. These are unique celebrity golf and bowling outings, scheduled around the league’s premier event for maximum reach and success. A good time is always had by all, with a loyal group of return attendees and a large number of first-timers at every occasion. Attendees range from Pro Football Hall of Fame members to celebrities, local philanthropists and business owners. NFL sponsors and corporate partners lend direct support and citizens from the community also participate in these special outings. They share truly unique experiences with their football heroes while also helping to support the NFL Foundation and its strong message of altruism.

Until next time,

Chrissy Carew Founder of Insightful Player, LLC

PS: The Insightful Player® Game on Lifeville is full of Life Lessons from NFL Players… what better role models for the kids of today than Professional Athletes… they are inspiring our youth! To play the game, go to:



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