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A Pair of Insightful Players® – Brothers Devin & Jason McCourty, by Chrissy Carew

My father taught me the importance of having sky-high values, rock-solid integrity and an unshakable belief in my dreams. Partnering with NFL players to make this world a better place is my dream. This is the inspirational story of two brothers. They were raised by a single mom who was widowed when the boys were three. Their mother made it clear that spirituality was a priority, and that is the beginning of the McCourty brothers and their Insightful Player® lifestyle.

The New England Patriots’ Devin McCourty overcame many obstacles to pave the way to tremendous success and enduring inspiration. His brother, Tennessee Titans’ Jason McCourty is also an exceptional role model who pushes himself to the limit in honor of his parents. Two cornerbacks playing together until college, where Devin was red-shirted, but Jason played right away. It is to Devin’s credit that he used all of the support of his family and his faith to overcome an entire year on the sidelines. He kept working hard and believing in himself though, and he decided to do everything the right way and follow the instructions of his coaches.

Devin McCourty refers to all obstacles in life as “speed bumps,” and he credits his mother for his sense of sacrifice and self reliance. He attributes his love for sports, however, as a gift from his father. Every day we have a purpose in the world for that specific day at hand, and Devin always focuses on his original plan, but he works on the backup plan also.

In my book, “Insightful Player: Football Pros Lead a Bold Movement of Hope,” Jason shares that his mom demanded an A or B average constantly, but also drove them to any sporting event they wanted to go. At a younger age (11), he wanted to quit football, but his mom refused to accept that because he had made the commitment. Through this, she taught him that commitment is a core value to stand on in life.

This was certainly useful later, because Jason McCourty’s freshman year at Rutgers was not so successful. He worked even harder, however, because he believed that quitting on first try was not an option. Jason, like his brother Devin, set himself up for a College career against the popular belief of the community he was raised in. College was the place to achieve a higher education, and also the vehicle to move him to the NFL. He overcame the odds with a sixth round draft pick and the uncertainty of the training camp.

Jason McCourty is constantly encouraging others, who look to him for inspiration, to understand how vital his core values were at that time, and still are.

Two brothers against the odds, propelled by their mom’s support and wisdom, and inspired by core principles and values every day, made it all the way to the NFL and inspire millions to never give up on their dreams.

Until next time, Chrissy Carew Founder of Insightful Player, LLC

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