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Benjamin Watson of the Browns Named Finalist for Byron “Whizzer” White Award

Benjamin Watson was born in Norfolk, Virginia. The 6-3 tight end was originally drafted by New England in the first round of the 2004 NFL Draft. He was 32nd pick overall that first draft and was later signed by Cleveland as a free agent in March, 2010. In the winter of 2007, Benjamin traveled with a small group of NFL players on a USO tour visiting military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, and travelled to China as a Patriots ambassador. Last spring Benjamin organized a mission trip to Jamaica with Browns teammates, Reggie Hodges and Mohammed Massaqoui to help out, serve, and make a difference.

The NFL Players Association announced recently that the civically minded Watson was selected as one of five finalists for the 2013 Byron “Whizzer” White award. This once-a-year award recognizes players who go above and beyond what’s expected to perform community service in their team cities and hometowns. The award was established by the Professional Football Players of America to acknowledge a debt of gratitude to one of their own.

Of Benjamin Watson’s accomplishments, his “One More” foundation is dedicated to spreading the love and hope of Christ to one more soul. With the devotion and assistance of his wife Kristen; The Watsons spread the love and hope of Christ to “One More” soul by meeting real needs, promoting education and providing enrichment opportunities through charitable initiative and partnerships. The Watsons know in their own hearts the importance of service, giving, and building relationships. These values that were instilled in both of them, from an early age, are the same values they hope will be part of their legacy.

The One More foundation carries those values through charitable initiatives and education opportunities. They not only meet the real needs of others, but also tell them how their souls can be saved. The Watsons passionately want to give the others something to hope for and believe in, even in the toughest of times. Benjamin partners with colleges to help with scholarships, as well as to give away food or toys – as well as tons of financial support. Benjamin always wants to help people, but ultimately aims to serve the Lord.

As Kim Anthony recently wrote on about Benjamin Watson receiving the 2012 Athletes in Action Call to Courage Award, “On, and off the field he is an impact player who brings out the best in those around him. His pursuit of excellence in every area of his life is inspiring.” Thanks for inspiring all of us here at Insightful Player®, Benjamin!

Until next time, Chrissy Carew

Founder of Insightful Player, LLC

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