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Updated: May 24, 2021

Creating Hope from Heartache

If I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I’d want to pass along to others…

Barbara Marx Hubbard says that “Crisis is an evolutionary driver.” Our world is certainly in crisis. I passionately believe the ultimate way to take part in the evolution of humankind is to wholeheartedly embrace our unique individual gifts and ferociously share them with others. The God within is calling out to all of us to contribute to each other in unconventional and profound ways.

Rather than search for love, be love. Rather than wish the world would change, be the change. Honor your divinity within. Embody kindness, and let your generous spirit guide you. Cherish all your relationships, especially those that challenge you. Notice the goodness in others, and acknowledge them for who they are at their best. Lovingly encourage and challenge others to allow the yearnings in their heart to guide them. Surround yourself with people who unconditionally support you, and help others to do the same.

If an illogical idea or a yearning continues to tug on you, pay attention to this transformational impulse and let it compel you to take action. Courageously answer the call … it is God on the other end.

When you are struggling to identify your magnificent way to contribute to our world, look to your deepest source of heartache. What is the void that tugs on you? My biggest void is that I am nobody’s mother. A biological and spiritual craving was never filled. I made up for this void by mothering everything and everyone, including rescuing a pack of dogs and a cat. Who was rescuing whom?

Transformation occurs when you listen to the voice that calls out from your soul. But it can be wrenching work. In some situations, this form of soul-searching is best undertaken with professional support – for example, a therapist or a life coach, depending on the nature and depth of your struggle. If the adversity you face is less profound, friends and family may be your greatest source of support.

Either way, this exploration and self-transformation need not be a miserable process. It can be affirmative, fun, joyful, even outrageous. Does the sadness vanish completely? No. However, this process can put our longings in perspective while continuing to fuel the divine impulses of our soul.

It was this very impulse to partner my greatest gifts with my bleakest heartache that inspired me to lead a bold movement of hope. I bless my heartache for giving me the insight to team it up with my gifts. This unorthodox partnership continues to fuel my desire and commitment to contribute to the evolution of humankind in my own very personal and humble way.

When we all confront our greatest heartache and marry it to our greatest gifts, collectively we will transform our world.



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