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Insightful Player Featured in Monroe Journal

Updated: May 10, 2021

Kelly featured in NFL Insightful Player game

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Aberdeen native and former NFL tight end Reggie Kelly is using his professional sports experience to give back to the next generation of athletes.

Through The Insightful Player Game, a free online game for youth that utilizes the guiding principles of the NFL players, Kelly and other NFL stars answer questions and share their personal experiences to interact directly with students and teach them positive life lessons.

“It’s been a great cause to be involved with. There’s that certain thing within me that enjoys seeing kids prosper and do well in the right type of environment,” Kelly said. “This sets up a message of integrity and influences the next generation of kids to have that same kind of intergrity.”

Insightful Player was founded in 2010 by Chrissy Carew, a a Hall of Fame Master Certified personal and business coach, with the goal to reach children of all walks of life and from all around the world. The project began with the Insightful Player book released in 2011, featuring the first 32 Insightful Players, including Kelly.

“This has been tremendous, and I’m extremely proud of her,” Kelly said. “She’s using the right tools to reach the youth of today. It’s proven to be very effective, and it’s great that professional athletes have a platform where they can reach a lot of kids at once.”

Kelly said one of the main experiences he shared was when he tore his Achilles tendon while playing for the Cincinnati Bengals and the road he faced coming back from that injury.

“They asked me about my experience getting my education and a lot of questions about what motivates me and how my faith comes into play,” Kelly said. “It’s very detailed and derived with the whole intention of showing what the youth might go through. Whenever professional athletes can share these experiences, what they handled right and what they may have handled better, it opens up young people to realize that they are just like us.”

For more information on the Insightful Player, visit, while the game can be played at

Kelly said with not playing in the NFL this year, he is still staying busy full time with his food company, KYVAN, which put new products such as BBQ sauce, honey apple butter and Jambalaya sauce.

“I couldn’t ask for things to be better right now with the food line, and it’s great getting to spend time with my family, actually take my kids to school for once,” Kelly said. “I’m hoping to get some speaking engagements and appearances both in Northeast Mississippi in the near future.”

After his first season off from the NFL, Kelly isn’t ruling out a return in the near future.

“The love for it is definitely still there. I’d love to come back and maybe play next season or get a job coaching or in an NFL front office soon,” he said.



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