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Franchise designation hard to peg

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Hangover’ remedy

Both the Broncos and Seahawks will be dealing with Super Bowl hangovers in the coming weeks and months.

Former Patriots defensive lineman Jarvis Green can relate to the Broncos’ plight, having played on a losing Super Bowl team. Green was on the Pats team that took an unbeaten record into Super Bowl XLII, only to have the New York Giants snatch the perfect season away in the final seconds of the 17-14 loss. Green, who is part of the Insightful Player Initiative, a youth education program, offered some thoughts on the Super Bowl hangover.

“(They have to) learn from defeat,” Green said of the Broncos. “Keep a positive perspective regardless of your circumstances.”

Green hopes the Seahawks appreciate the moment, and continue to follow their plan.

“Take inspiration from how you believed so much in each other as one unit,” he said. “Teams win championships in the locker room, on the practice field, in training camp and during the offseason.”



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