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Insightful Player Jerricho Cotchery

Are you a parent, coach, or teacher looking for a tool that can inspire and motivate? My book “Insightful Player” chronicles the path active and former players took to reach the NFL, not only using their football talents, but often taking genuinely heroic steps to overcome life’s obstacles. The Insightful Player® initiative, a bold movement of hope, was created to help make our world a much better place by empowering children to live a life of greatness. They learn from each Insightful Player® team member – players who overcame tremendous obstacles to become not just fine athletes, but extraordinary individuals who serve as inspiration to us all.

Today’s hero is Jerricho Cotchery, former NY Jets payer who is currently playing for the Carolina Panthers. The second youngest of 13 children, Jerricho grew up in tough surroundings. He clearly observed others and learned from their mistakes, and also witnessed his parents love for each other, and even more important their spiritual commitment. He made big mistakes early in his life by joining a gang at the age of 12. He got into a lot of fights standing up for others. When Jerricho was 16, his friend Brian was killed in a car accident. That accident changed his life into two ways; he yanked himself out of the gang and also put him to the road to a new relationship with the higher power. Some of his friends did not make it; some are in prison and some even lost their lives.

Besides his successful playing days with the Jets and his success now playing with the Steelers, Jerricho contributes to his community in many ways. He campaigns against childhood obesity, offers mentor programs, runs football camps and founded his not-for-profit organization to help underprivileged kids to achieve their goals though several programs his organization offers. He continues to work very hard to improve his talents in football, never wanting to be complacent or let his talent go to waste. He has received numerous awards for his admirable leadership and his significant contributions to others.

Jerricho walks the walk and talks the talk of the Insightful Player team member. He is an inspiration and motivation for our youth!

Until next time, Chrissy Carew Founder of Insightful Player, LLC

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