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Roger Staubach

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Hall of Famer and Former Dallas Cowboys Quarterback

Roger Staubach

NFL Great In a League of His Own As the Ultimate Role Model and The first Insightful Player® Team Member

Roger Staubach was the very first person to join the Insightful Player® team. To be named to this team, one must be a person of integrity, such as a current or former NFL player, who shares their personal message of hope for the sole purpose of lifting the spirits of all, especially children.

Roger is the epitome of an Insightful Player® team member because he has always shaped his life around his values. He is devoted to his Christian faith, his wife of more than 56 years, his five grown children, and his many grandchildren. He has an unwavering commitment to his friends, employees, and co-workers. All these combine to make him the perfect man with which to begin the Insightful Player® stories.

Roger has led a soul centered life both on and off the field. (He is recognized for giving birth to the “Hail Mary Pass” in a 1975 wildcard playoff game against the highly favored Vikings. With only seconds left on the clock, and just before throwing the game-winning, 50-yard touchdown, he said a Hail Mary.) His faith was nurtured in his modest home in Cincinnati. Growing up as an only child with his parents and grandmother, Roger feels tremendous gratitude for having the loving and hard-working role models that his parents were.

Some of the guiding principles that took shape in Roger’s early life are:

  1. Put yourself in other people’s shoes. Respect and think of someone other than yourself.

  2. Many, many times there is a bigger agenda than our own, which we have to adhere to and support — that’s what teamwork is all about.

  3. Don’t be afraid to fail. Do the best you can and appreciate the chance.

  4. Have a permanence to your life with spiritual faith. If we live our life properly, that permanence, which is our salvation, is going to be there for us.

  5. Adversity reveals genius; prosperity conceals it. You can find the best within yourself and the best within others when things are tough. You must persevere. Don’t give up on your faith or sacrifice your values. You’ve got to fight through the tough times. You are going to be better for it.

  6. Start each day asking yourself what impact you are going to have on someone in a positive way. If you use this approach, you are going to enjoy your life while helping others enjoy theirs. What a good feeling you get when you get to help someone else.

  7. Having a mentor is a ‘must have’ for everybody. It is important to be with people who are doing the right thing. We need to be responsible to ourselves no matter who we are, or whatever circumstance we are in.

  8. Make sure you have your priorities right. Put your family first and be responsible for the people who are counting on you.

These principles continue to guide his life every day.

Roger Staubach is an accomplished, wise, and kindhearted man committed to being the best he can possibly be while inspiring the same in those around him. He has unyielding perseverance, is highly respectful of others, and is steadfast in having his values guide his life.

Roger is the kind of role model we need in our world; the kind we want our young people to emulate and aspire to, and one we can use as a guide for our own lives. Because the sole purpose of the Insightful Player® series is to lift your spirits to awe-inspiring heights, I cannot think of a NFL player better suited to be in our premier spotlight.

The Insightful Player® series is brought to you by Coach Chrissy Carew, Hall of Fame Master Certified and Board Certified Personal and Business Coach, and Author of INSIGHTFUL PLAYER: Football Pros Lead A Bold Movement of Hope. Chrissy has been deeply inspired by her father, the late Coach Walter Carew, Sr. Her father is in several Halls of Fame as a high school football coach and baseball coach (as well as high school and college athlete). He used sports to help kids build strong character and teach them valuable life skills. Insightful Player® was created to

to transform culture into an inclusive, kinder, and more loving place by inspiring youth. To contact Chrissy Carew visit or call her landline: 603-897-0610.

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